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The Journal is a gateway to the world of Ventures. Here, we share our guiding philosophies, innovations, experiments, learning initiatives and much more. The journal is a form of self-expression from our end to communicate & keep connected with our community.


blending curiosity, passion & tradition

Ventures is a Kolkata based creative fashion house in India. With consciousness, innovation & sustainability as our guiding values, we offer soulful luxury.


We are blessed with some of the best craftsmen in our family. Our seasoned and dynamic craftsmen are the real essence of Ventures. We believe creativity comes from independence. Our culture is centred around the idea of rekindling the craftsmen's affair with their art. And thus the dexterous hands imbibes a soul in every single creation.

Mindfulness is at the core of our functioning. We love to hold honest conversations about craft and creativity. This makes sustainability crucial to our value system. Our young & passionate team enjoys playing with a plethora of materials and making intelligent use of them. Our idea of sustainability extends to our day to day operations encompassing both people & the planet.


We are a house where innovation is our driving force. The curiosity and ingenuity of our vibrant team propel our imagination far and wide. We believe innovation is the keynote of true luxury and our constant endeavour is to outshine ourselves with every new invention we bring to the world of fashion and design.


Our Archives are a testimony of our journey of excellence through the last 25 years and a constant source of inspiration for us to outperform ourselves as well. It helps us blend our heritage with innovation by giving unique and often unexpected insights into past events, people and places. 




Fashion Designer

As the winner of the Jury GrandPrix of the International Festival de Mode de Hyères 2020, I had the privilege to collaborate with Ventures on the realisation of my collection. In my work, I have a strong attention for the incorporation of handcrafted material into my collections. Next to that, my focus is on innovation, moving forward to a bright future and finding new and innovative ways to approach handwork. In this approach, I found in Ventures a partner that is a dream to work with. They have an amazing eye for detail, and work with amazing and high quality materials. I was very enthusiastic about their ability to translate the most crazy ideas into high-end materials, and they were the most amazing partner to think, together with me as a designer,  about ways to realise my wildest dreams and ambitions. We established an amazing collaborative relationship, that I cherish a lot, and I look forward to continue into the future

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